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God Eater 3

God Eater 3
God Eater 3

God Eater 3

God Eater 3 is the third part of the God Eater series that uses the Monster Hunter system as a base, but it adds many changes in the story, the game system and the way players work together, which is a special and successful character.

No doubt the most attractive concept of the series is the method of combat, which uses mutant biological biological weapons, which draw energy from the player in a symbiotic manner, as well as from the parasitic enemies in a parasitic manner.

All these characteristics made the fighting system more rapid and fun, and the world's shape in these games is different and attractive, pushing players to think of new ways of fighting their tactics, and designs their weapons.

The only problem with these games is that they were all games that were released on the older generation of PSP devices, and when they were reproduced on newer devices, they were not enough to compete with new games, but it was different with God Eater 3, Fully for the devices of the modern generation, and undoubtedly there are many things that we used in the series, will differ completely from the former.

We'll talk about all these new details in our review today, focusing on the most important details of Monster Hunter fans and collaborative games in general.

different world in the story of God Eater 3 :

The game is about ten years after the end of the previous game, but it can be said that the story is not fully interconnected with previous games, there is a new set of characters, and the world system itself has been completely changed.

The point I liked in this game about previous games is the focus on how to build the world, rather than engaging in personal battles with the Aragami monsters as before, there is a great focus on explaining the general picture of the world in which characters live, and natural phenomena that occur because of abnormal elements that The world controls the Oracle cells.

The storytelling system is also better. In the past, you needed to do at least five missions to get to a story-related task, but now all of the story's tasks are sequential, all of which contain events and dialogues related to the basic story, without the need to play missions Frequent or boring between main tasks.

Point :

I also liked the fact that the concept of Ash or Ash, which has spread throughout the world, is noticeable in all combat battles. You can see the most accurate details of this ashes fly in the air and affect the pitch in different ways. Their effect also appears in the form and nature of Aragami, The change, of course, is due to the new graphics engine, which outperforms older games significantly.

For characters, I did not find many things to distinguish these characters from previous series games, or similar anime games, I felt that the characters are duplicate copies of previous personalities such as Lindow or Alisa, but nevertheless, the level of dialogue sentences and intellectual themes that speak characters This is probably due to the great performance of the game's vocalists, the evolution of the size of the world and the different personalities and organizations living in this new world.

God Eater 3

Characters :

For the main character itself, the most notable feature of my demo version is the limited number of options I can modify the character format as I want, but I know that developers will add many more options in the future, so I preferred to wait on this point, The final evaluation of the quality of the graphics, but the options currently available are very adequate and varied, and of course the characters figure is significantly improved than previous games in the series.

Another point I did not like is that there are many details about the world, such as the laws governing it, the shape and interpretation of weapons, and many other details that are listed in the story without clear explanations, all crammed into the mission computer, I saw that this information is very important to give all the details weight and importance required, even though I played the previous parts, there are many important new things could have been better.

The story itself is interesting and contains many intriguing secrets and scenes. The idea of ​​going on a journey around the world has made the story a bigger curve than before, and has given the opportunity to meet people quite different from what I used to do with their own abilities and ideas. The series, which was used brilliantly to create the world of God Eater 3 in the best picture.

The addition of passionate songs with the words of Aragami's important influential battles, was a good choice to introduce the new monsters in a way that helps to entrench them in the minds of players.
God Eater 3

The game system  :

A special feature of the God Eater was the launch system, which gives you the ability to manufacture your own bullets as you like, and everything can be customized starting from the launch range and the amount of power used, this system is still the same as in the new game.

The difference lies in all other aspects of the game, starting with the cooperative game system, which has undergone a remarkable change, as the team members now become important to develop their own abilities, because of the new Engage system, which gives you different characteristics based on the personality you cooperate with, Devouring the Aragami monsters and getting special bullets from them has been canceled. The idea of ​​devouring has become more Burst, giving you supernatural abilities and new blows that can be customized and developed. The focus here seems to be more cooperation than individual games, I could finish it with a boo Individual without concentration with my team a lot.

Weapons can also not be considered the same as old weapons, even if they carry the same names and shapes as before, because of Burst's ability to make weapons turn into new and different shapes, and of course you notice from the start that you have two God Arc engines in each hand, To hold arms in both hands, and even merge them together to make stronger weapons.

The fighting system itself has become faster, and there are many moves you can take to close the distances between you and the Aragami monsters, or keep away from them as needed, this also reflected in the fighting abilities of the Aragami monsters, which became the strength of their hits and their sphere of influence is stronger than before Much.

The Aragami monsters have the Devour character just like you, and you can use Burst just like you, which made me come back to the table thinking, and I care more about my team settings than before, fighting with the monsters of Ash Aragami, the main monsters in the game, on a completely different level of difficulty , Not dull at all or similar to normal battles.

Burst movements are different and different in form and number of hits, which made the missions more exciting, and at the same time short and easy compared to the adjustments made before the battles - if you make the appropriate adjustments - which is easy and clear here without having to read files, or visit different stores , Everything you need is in one place, and all the details are clearly explained.

As for the competitive game, I noticed that Abandoned God Arcs' capabilities are weaker than before, and I like it because it keeps the balance of the game, rather than making some character organizations much stronger than other organizations because of luck in getting Post-mission capabilities.

You can think about every little detail, and you'll find a way to customize and develop it to suit your fighting style and way of thinking. You can apply these adjustments immediately on the battlefield and observe and modify your mistakes. The fighting system in God Eater is one of the most profound and fun gaming systems. With all the new changes, which I consider to be all necessary and important to the new gaming system.

finally :

I am very happy with the level of the series so far, with the many options, the way of telling the story, every battle I feel is different, as if it came out of anime series instead of a game, there is no boring battles at all, the game drives you to think, Which is played by Monster Hunter players, but in this game was focused on all points that made God Eater series different and distinctive, and became a unique game stand-alone, with a game system is different and addictive.

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God Eater 3 Reviewed by Mansoor on June 07, 2019 Rating: 5 God Eater 3 God Eater 3 God Eater 3 is the third part of the God Eater series that uses the Monster Hunter system as a base, but it ...

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